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How does it work?

If you take part in the program, you also take part in the study. This involves the following steps which we will guide you through over your whole study participation.

6 steps of the study:

  1. Read the participant information
  2. Give informed consent and register an account
  3. Fill out a baseline questionnaire
  4. We randomly assign you to either the study group or the control group
  5. In the study group you can participate in our 6-week-program.
    In the control group you unfortunately have to wait 6 month before you can use the program.
  6. After 6 month you fill out a follow-up questionnaire and your study participation ends here. But you can of course still continue the program (or start it, if you had been in the control group).

The actual self-help program consists of a diary, several interactive features, guides, tips, motivational emails and can be basically divided into three steps:

3 steps of the self-help program:

  1. Prepare for action
    • Know about your alcohol use
    • Find out if are you at risk of having health problems because of drinking
  2. Set your goals
    • Take the first step to cut down or stop your drinking
    • Set goals to cut down or stop drinking
  3. Take actions
    • Use your Diary to find out more about your drinking
    • Access the step by step guide with ways to cut-down or stop drinking
    • Try the easy exercises to think and feel more positive
    • Don't give up if you slipped or relapsed some days

If you are interested, let’s start with the first step of the study and read the participant information on the next page.