Useful tips for Lower-Risk Drinking

REMEMBER: there is no such thing as drinking alcohol without any risks

There are no guidelines which suggest that drinking up to a certain level is associated with zero risk. Any amount of alcohol can be harmful, in more ways than one!

However, it has been found that drinking more than two drinks a day is associated with much higher risk of adverse consequences.

If you decide to REDUCE your drinking (as opposed to STOPPING it), here are some tips for lower risk drinking:
-No more than two drinks a day for men
-No more than one drink a day for women
-Stay alcohol free at least 2 days in the week

But REMEMBER not to drink:
-When driving or using heavy machinery
-When pregnant or trying to become pregnant
-When breast feeding
-When taking certain medications (check the information leaflet)
-If you have certain medical conditions like liver disease (consult your doctor)
-If you cannot stop or control your drinking
-If you already have some health or social problems related to alcohol drinking



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