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A selection of evidence supporting eHealth interventions in reducing alcohol consumption:

Riper H et al (2011) Effectiveness of E-Self-help Interventions for Curbing Adult Problem Drinking: A Meta-Analysis Journal of Medical Internet Research 13(2): e42

Smit F et al (2011) Modelling the cost-effectiveness of health care systems for alcohol use disorders; how implementation of eHealth interventions improves cost-effectiveness Journal of Medical Internet Research 13(3): e56

Blankers M et al (2011) Internet therapy versus internet self-help versus no treatment for problematic alcohol use: A randomised controlled trial Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology 79(3): 330-41

Kavanagh DJ & Proctor DM (2011) The role of assisted self-help in services for alcohol-related disorders Addictive Behaviors 36(6):624-9

Kramer J et al (2009) Television supported self-help for problem drinkers: a randomised pragmatic trial Addictive Behaviors 34(5):541-7