What should be the legal age for drinking?

Policy Themes

The global strategy focuses on ten key areas of policy options and interventions at the national level and four priority areas for global action.

The ten areas for national action are:


Global strategy to reduce the harmful use of alcohol [pdf 3.88Mb]

A 2010 WHO publication outling the objectives of the member states in response to alcohol use in society.

mhGAP Intervention Guide. English [pdf 1.89Mb]

A 2010 WHO publication providing guidelines for those working in sustance use settings and aiming towards an intervention. Chapter eight pertains to alcohol use and alcohol use disorders.

Alcohol in Developing Societies; A Public Health Approach [pdf 210kb]

A 2002 WHO publication which provides an overview of alcohol in developing countries and reviews the research available on preventing alcohol-related problems in developing societies.

Global Status Report: Alcohol and Young People [pdf 364kb]

A 2001 WHO publication looking at alcohol among young people in developed countries. Thîs publication discusses interventions that work on a community level as well as other options in contrast to those which have limited effect.

Alcohol in the European Union [pdf 6.7Mb]

A 2012 WHO publication which reviews data collected concerning alcohol consumption, harm and polciy approaches and also looks at effective alcohol policies.

European action plan to reduce the harmful use of alcohol 2012-2020 [pdf 140kb]

This 2011 WHO publication is an action plan for the implementation of the European and global alcohol strategies.