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Q. What is the Alcohol e-Help program?

A. Alcohol e-Help is an online intervention program that helps you assess your own drinking pattern online and provides you with necessary tools to help yourselfin changing your drinking pattern. In the Alcohol e-Help you can take self-tests, get customized feedback and follow simple steps to bring about a change in your thoughts, feelings and actions. Using Alcohol e-Help you will learn to motivate yourself, to solve problems and change unhealthy drinking patterns through interactive and easy exercises.

This program is totally, anonymous, user friendly, available 24X7 and FREE!


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Q. Is it safe to be enrolled in this program?

A. This intervention is completely safe. There are no physical or psychological risks involved. Information shared by you is kept confidential.

Read our disclaimer and privacy statement to know more.


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Q. I have a family member/friend with a drinking problem. Can I sign up for the intervention on their behalf?

A. One of the underlying philosophies of this program is respecting people’s choice. Thus, we believe that no can be helped against their will. Hence, this program is meant only for alcohol users above 18 years of age. If family members or friends get enrolled in this program, they will not be able to help the alcohol user much. Instead, if you have someone among the family / friend who is affected by alcohol problems, our general section on alcohol and you can help you find information on how to help your family member or friend with a drinking problem.


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Q. I am already taking treatment from a mental health professional for my drinking problem. Can I take the intervention?

A. Yes you can sign up and take the intervention but please consult your mental health professional before doing so.  We do not advocate that you leave your current treatment and take this intervention.


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Q. Do I have to provide my real identity?

A. It would be helpful if you could provide your real identity as it would be kept confidential (see privacy statement for more information). However, if you do not wish to disclose your real identity, you can provide an alias but make sure that you provide a valid email address so that you can get updates and reminder emails (if you wish to subscribe to them) for monitoring your progress on the Alcohol e-Help program.


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Q. Drinking alcohol is against law for me! Can I still take this program?

A. Even if drinking is against the law for you, you can still enrol in the Alcohol e-Help program as your IP address or personal details and information provided by you will be kept confidential and not disclosed to any third party (see the disclaimer and privacy statement for more information). However, please understand that if you are violating a locally applicable law, pertaining to drinking alcohol or accessinginformation about alcohol, the website cannot be held liable.


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Q. Do I have to use the same PC for accessing the program, always?

A. No, you do not need to use the same PC. You can log in from a different computer but please be careful about using public computers (like those in cyber cafes), particularly about saving passwords on the site and while logging off from the site.


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Q. Does the program involve downloading and installing any software on my PC?

A. No, you do not need to install any software on your PC except that some parts may contain articles/text in pdf format for which a pdf reader (such as Adobe reader) would need to be installed.


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Q. How long do I have to keep visiting this website?

A. This program involves filling your diary on a daily basis for maximum benefit from the program. The time to reduce or stop drinking may vary from person to person so we encourage you to keep visiting the website till you are able to achieve your goals. We have a feedback/evaluation form at three and six weeks to help us help you better. We hope that you like our program so much that you do not mind visiting us again and again.


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Q. How much time would I need for a typical session?

A. The first session would take more time (30 - 40 minutes) as it would involve sign up and taking some simple tests before going onto the Alcohol e-Help  program. Subsequent sessions would be of lesser duration as they would involve filling a daily diary and inteactive exercises for helping you reduce or stop drinking (15-20 minutes). Please note that the time indicated here is approximate and would also depend on the internet speed with which you access the website.


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Q. What are minimum hardware / software / connectivity requirements for my PC to take this program?

A. Usually, there are no specific requirements for web sites in regard to hardware. Software specifications are:

  • Operating System: Windows XP or better 
  • Browser: IE 8 - 9, Firefox 3 - 10, Google Chrome 13 - 17 or better, Safari 5 (all of the browsers need to have JavaScript enabled). 
  • Adobe Reader needs to be installed in order to read PDF documents. 


Important notice: iPads are not generic PCs but tablets, thus there is no guarantee the program will work correctly on them (there are custom features that are often required in order to make the application work on iPad). 


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Q. I use internet on my smartphone. Can I still take this program?

A. The program is not optimized for access with a smartphone. The intervention can be accessed by a browser of a smartphone, but it is not optimized. We do not have APPs for smartphones or tablets either. We are in the process of developing functionalities to allow you to access the website on smart phones. 


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Q. Do such programs work? Is there any evidence of their effectiveness?     

A. The field of providing health-related help is evolving rapidly. Many scientific research studies have been conducted which demonstrate that such programs are helpful for a number of health conditions. As per available evidence from the scientific research articles, e-health websites have been found to be helpful to reduce or stopdrinking (see our information and scientific evidence section for more information). However, any such treatment is only going to be beneficial for the users if they comply with the treatment requirements. For instance, a medicine will only work as long as you take it regularly. Similarly, it is important that you use this website regularly by updating your daily diary and completing the interactive exercises for maximum benefits.


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